A featured loaded platform, regardless of which version you choose.

Leetify is hyper focused on helping all users, regardless of their ability to pay, improve. However, in order for us to stay around long-term and to be able to develop the best possible product we need to earn revenue. Meaning on the free plan, we provide an analysis of each user’s performance, their strengths and weaknesses, in conjunction with comparison to benchmarks that allow us to help you understand what you’re good at as well as what needs improving. So, when it comes to Pro, the main benefit is a suite of extra tools that’ll help you improve faster. Additionally, as we continue developing the platform you’ll continually unlock access to the newest Pro features as they release. Let’s walk you through what the Pro subscription offers.

Note; currently we have early bird pricing ($5.99 USD per month) which allows you to signal your support for Leetify’s continued development as well as lock in a lifetime discounted price as long as your subscription stays active.

Pro Benefits - Deeper insights

  • Background match analysis
    • Feature: Your matches will always be analyzed, without you needing to log into the app frequently.
    • Benefit: You won’t miss any valuable data and it will be ready for you to look at whenever you log in, no more waiting.
    • What’s different?
      • On free, users have to login within the last 7 days in order to have background match analysis turned on. If they don’t, the next time they log in they will have to wait for their matches to process or even have some matches expire before we can analyse them.
  • View data older than 30 days
    • Feature: You are able to see all your data since the creation of your Leetify account.
    • Benefit: You’ll be able to analyze your performance over the long-term as well as track your improvement.
    • What’s different?
      • On free, users only have access to the past 30 days of their history.
  • Filters
    • Feature: You can filter your data, across virtually every tab, by time range, maps, data sources, and which friends were in the match.
    • Benefit: It allows you to granularly breakdown your performance by whatever you think is most important.
    • What’s different?
      • At the moment, Free users can only filter based on the current time period within the 30 day window and change the rank benchmark they are choosing to compare against.
  • Map and bombsite performance for teams
    • Feature: View map zone performances, retakes success rate, hold success rate, afterplant success rates, and take success rates for your entire team.
    • Benefit: Allows you to understand your performance more granularly than merely overall basis thereby allowing you to truly hone in on what needs to be done.
    • What’s different?
      • Free users can analyze their own map performance, but can not view data for their team.

Pro Benefits - Practice

Over time, we intend to not just point you in the right direction, but also take you in-game to help you practice more efficiently. Most of these features will be locked to the Pro subscription, including personalised training programs and guided in-game practice. Here’s what we’ve released so far:

  • Practice servers
    • Feature: You can fire up your own dedicated practice server (64 or 128 tick rate) , provided by DatHost, at no additional charge.
    • Benefit: You can start improving alone or as a group with our custom micro deathmatch, practice mode, duels & movement practice servers.
    • Note; Only the person starting the server needs Leetify Pro. Anyone you choose to invite can join the server.
    • What’s different?
      • Free users don’t have access to our dedicated practice servers at no additional cost.

Pro Benefits - Quality of Life Improvements

  • Store all demo files
    • Feature: We’ll automatically store all your demo files so you can go back and download them any time in the future.
    • Benefit: Never lose the ability to analyze your previous games even when they are cleared out from your match history in CSGO itself.
    • What’s different?
      • Free users don’t have access to demo file downloading. Both Valve and Faceit delete demo files after 30 days, after which they are lost forever without Leetify Pro.
  • Manual demo upload
    • Feature: If we don’t support your match type or matchmaking service at the moment, with Pro, you can upload your demos manually to include them in the data we analyse.
    • Benefit: Never lose out on being able to analyze your data no matter where or what you play.
    • What’s different?
      • Free users can only have their matches uploaded and analyzed automatically if they are provided via Steam matchmaking or FACEIT.

Collector’s Edition Benefits

Additionally, as we’re still an early stage company and product, we created an additional tier to Pro that only a limited few can purchase. The collector’s edition stands above the rest, not only by providing all the benefits of the Pro subscription, but by providing you as a user a hand in helping Leetify grow.

With Collector’s, you’ll be recognized as a Founder of Leetify, with a badge displayed in your matches, a profile on our Founder’s wall, an exclusive Founder profile similar to ones we create for professional players, a special role and channel in discord, as well as a personal thanks from the Leetify team (one of us will reach out to you).

Additionally, you’ll be able to participate in a Founder exclusive hackathon event where each Founder will get to submit ideas for something CSGO related that we’ll build. You all will vote on it and we’ll carry it out. (scoped to 3 days)

For subscription specifics, you’ll receive 12 months of Leetify Pro alongside a lifetime 70% discount on your subscription. For your friends, you’ll receive the ability to give four of your friends 12 months of Leetify Pro for free.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get Maniac’s CSGO course from Gamerzclass for free.

In closing

No matter what subscription you choose, we believe Leetify will help you improve. We’re working hard to build the tools that allow any gamer the ability to unlock their full potential. We’re still very early in our journey but we hope you have the patience to watch us grow and learn alongside you.

When you subscribe to Leetify pro, you support and accelerate that growth. We use the money to invest in the development of Leetify and make our service better. We can't wait to show you all the things we have on our roadmap, and your support let's us show it to you faster.

So if you do subscribe, please know that we deeply appreciate it.

Thank you.


  • You can cancel your subscription at any time and if you can take a moment to let us know why you do, if you do, that would be great!
  • You will lose your early bird discount if you cancel your subscription and try to resubscribe.
  • There is no limit to how long you keep your discount as long as you keep your subscription active.