Update: Valve now provides Ranked Wingman demos automatically, so make sure to uncheck "Sync ranked Wingman matches" to avoid duplicate matches :D  

Install the Unranked Uploader extension on the Chrome Web Store to automatically sync your Wingman and Unranked Counter-Strike matches.

Keep reading if you want to know more about how the extension works.

What can the extension do?

This extension automatically syncs data from your Steam GCPD page (Game Coordinator Personal Data) to upload your Unranked MM and Wingman matches to Leetify. Syncing is done in the background, so once you set up the extension the process will be carried out automatically.

The Steam GCPD pages give you data about the games you play. The pages for Counter-Strike will have info about the recent matches you've played. By looking at these pages, Leetify can find the demo for that match and process it for you.

Previously, you had to manually upload each of these unranked demos to Leetify. This extension will do the work for you in the background, so you can spend your time looking at the most interesting data from these games instead.

Matches uploaded by this extension are treated with the same logic as Manual Demo Uploads, so you won't receive a Steam notification that a match was processed. The match will also be manageable in your Data Sources tab on Leetify, if you wish to delete a specific match that was uploaded by the extension.

NOTE: You do NOT need this extension for Ranked MM, FACEIT, Esportal, or Gamers Club matches. Follow the instructions on leetify.com/app/data-sources if you wish to see games from those platforms.

How do I install this?

  1. Add the Unranked Uploader extension to your browser on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Login to steamcommunity.com and Leetify in the same browser.
  3. Verify that there are no errors in the Leetify Unranked Uploader extension, as shown in the image below.
  4. Now you can close the Leetify Unranked Uploader tab, and as long as you have your browser open your matches will sync automatically.
You will see an error message if the extension cannot connect with Steam or Leetify

NOTE: Extensions are hidden by default, so it may be hard to notice if your syncing stops. We recommend you pin the extension so that you'll see the err flag that indicates an issue with match syncing. Clicking on the extension icon will open the extension, where you can read more about the issue it has encountered.

We currently only have an extension for Google Chrome, but let us know on Discord if you want this for a different browser.  

What triggers a sync?

This extension will check for demos when any of the following events happen:

  1. Every 15 minutes (if your browser is open)
  2. When you visit Leetify
  3. When you visit the Steam GCPD page
  4. When you click the "Sync matches now" button

If a new game is found during one of these syncs, it will start processing on Leetify. It will be visible in your Matches tab once it is done processing.

You can access the Extension Settings if you click the extension icon in your browser. This is also where you will find the manual sync button if you wish to use that instead of one of the automatic options.

Is this extension secure?

Security is a big concern when it comes to applications that interact with accounts you care a lot about, like a Steam account. If you're wary of installing something like this, that's a good sign! Below we will address common security concerns so you can feel confident that this extension is solely designed to make it easier to see your Counter-Strike data.

What permissions are you asking for?

Installing the extension will give you the following prompt:

We need access to steamcommunity.com so that we can:

  1. Know when you visit the page, so we can check for new matches
  2. Request demo download links from the Steam GCPD page

We need access to leetify.com so that we can:

  1. Know when you visit the page, so we can check for new matches
  2. Send the demo download link to Leetify and process the match

Can I see what the extension is doing?

If you want to audit the extension for yourself, you can view the code here :D

Is there another way to import Unranked & Wingman data?

If you'd still prefer another method besides installing an extension, you can upload these demos to Leetify manually. See this blog post for instructions on Manual Demo Upload.

Keep an eye out for scams and impersonations

As with any corner of the internet where money can be made, anyone with a Steam account has to be wary of people trying to dishonestly gain access to that account.

At the time of writing, there is no other software that you can download associated with Leetify. Besides this Chrome extension, all other functionality originates from the leetify.com website itself. If you see something that looks suspicious, feel free to check in on our Discord to see if it is actually associated with Leetify.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

I played an unranked match but it isn't showing up

There are two reasons you may not see your matches from this extension on Leetify.

1) Make sure you're logged in to both Steam and Leetify in the browser where the extension is installed

If the extension doesn't see you as logged in to both of those sites, it will be unable to find and upload the demos. If this is the case, you will see an err badge on the extension icon, and clicking the extension will give you more info. We recommend you pin the Chrome extension so that you can see whether or not your matches are syncing.

Pin the extension to see any syncing errors that may pop up

2) Make sure the match is visible on your Steam GCPD page

Sometimes demos don't make it onto Valve's "Scrimmage" or "Wingman" tabs for unknown reasons. If they aren't visible there then we will be unable to import them. Patience may pay off here, but other times the match will just disappear.

Will Leetify make an extension for other browsers?

We only support Chrome for now. If you would like to see this extension for another browser, let us know on Discord.